Environmental and Lifestyle Causes of Man Boobs

Our environment is nothing but the world that we live in and it comprises of everything that surrounds us. Every breath we take, sound we hear and things we view with our eyes constitutes our world. All of us develop a particular lifestyle depending on our environments. That lifestyle can either be sedentary or active depending on our choices. Most of us are of the opinion that everything is fine as long as we are happy with our environment and lifestyle. But is everything all right? The underlying factors of our environments have a direct effect on the water we drink, air we breathe and the food we eat. All these aspects can have a major impact on our bodies too. In case of men, such lifestyle and environmental factors can result in the development of man boobs.

Though occurrence of man boobs is considered a common phenomenon in men, it is often highly embarrassing as well. Man boobs are nothing but stubborn chest fat deposits existing on the breast tissues. Most men suffering from this condition fall in the age bracket of 40 to 50 years. However, it in no way implies that younger adults and teenagers are not vulnerable to man breasts. Now, let us look into these factors in some detail.
Environmental Factors
As we consume more and more processed foods every day, the chemicals polluting our environment also increase drastically. The chemical exposure is often in the form of soy product materials, animal injected hormones and birth control pills seeping into our water systems. Although the location of each one of these chemical exposures may vary, there is one common connecting fact between them all, and that is estrogen.
Estrogen is nothing but a female hormone which is responsible for the breast tissue development in a woman’s body. Most women normally have lower levels of testosterone in their bodies. It is the correct balance between these two hormones which is responsible for regulation in the female body. When a similar situation occurs in case of a man’s body, the results are not very different. The development of man breasts happens. While this is an important aspect of growth in a woman’s body, it is completely undesirable in case of a man.
The global population is increasing by the day. With such immense population growth, many toxins are also emitted into the air we breathe. Clinical research suggests that most of these toxins cause a reduction in the testosterone amount in men’s bodies. With the gradual decrease in the testosterone levels, the estrogen levels in the body increase. Such hormonal changes enhance the fat deposits especially in the male breasts tissue region. Another body part which receives such fat deposits due to hormonal imbalance, is the glandular tissue situated in the pectorals.


Lifestyle Factors
Another major contributing factor in the consistent development of man boobs is the choice of our lifestyle. Such lifestyle choices can vary from anything being a fitness fanatic to a lazy couch potato. Although the decision to maintain a sedentary or active lifestyle is a very personal one, it can have a major impact on the probability of development of ugly chest fat.
To any man who spends most of his daily time lazing on a couch and munching fatty chips combined with sweet treats and no physical activity, the gradual development of man boobs must come as no big surprise. The lack of regular physical activities along with excess intake of sugary and fatty foods will obviously result in fat depositions in all places possible.
On the other hand, an individual who spends most of his daily free time pumping muscles in a gymnasium, is most likely to have are physically fit body with attractive six-pack abs. However, as this individual ages and is no longer able to keep up with his daily gym routine, his body will soon start showing the signs of middle age and early signs of occurrence of moobs. Although it is not important to maintain such high intensity of gym work out throughout one’s life, you must continue to have an active lifestyle and perhaps less intense workout routines. Else, all those muscles in the chest area will eventually turn into ugly chest fat.
It is obvious that a man cannot change every aspect of his life. Although it is impossible for him to have any direct control on his environment, other factors such as physical activity etc. are in his direct control. Making that extra physical effort can keep those ugly man boobs at bay.


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